The National WWII Museum, New Orleans

Marine color guard. Image © The National WWII MuseumThe National WWII Museum tells the story of the American experience in the war that changed the world—why it was fought, how it was won, and what it means today—so that all generations will understand the price of freedom and be inspired by what they learn.

Originally founded in 2000 as The National D-Day Museum, The National WWII Museum features immersive exhibits, multimedia experiences, and an expansive collection of artifacts and first-person oral histories to take visitors inside the story of the war, offering a compelling blend of sweeping narrative and poignant personal detail. Designated by Congress in 2004 as the official World War II museum of the United States, The National WWII Museum is located in downtown New Orleans on a six-acre campus and houses archival collections ranging from industrial efforts on the Home Front to the combat experience of the American servicemember abroad.

Beyond the galleries, the Museum’s online collections, distance-learning programs, travel tours, and the renowned International Conference on World War II offer patrons and students of all ages new ways to connect to history and honor the generation that sacrificed so much to secure our freedom. The Museum is a dynamic educational and cultural organization that brings history to life for millions of visitors and students in classrooms far beyond its physical campus.

Education is the foundation of The National WWII Museum, which continually expands the scope of its outreach efforts in order to embrace its role as the nation’s foremost source of information on World War II. A place for people to deeply engage with one of the most critical periods in global history, the Museum is dedicated to preserving World War II history and teaching its lessons and legacies to current and future generations.